Example Sites
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burleigh house http://www.burleighhouse.co.uk
A website was required to keep everyone informed of the benefits of staying at burleigh house,ideally situated right in the centre of Llandudno
sordan http://www.sordan.com
Sordan are a company based in the south Manchester area, although there customer base covers all of the UK. With a website they could promote their services easily by having the name 'www.sordan.com' on the vehicles, uniforms, etc.
A company in Lincoln wanted an on-line catalogue of their products to help nationalize their sales. Information and pictures were supplied by the customer, then put together by Ceetee Web Aid to form the site, keeping in contact with the company each step of the way.
www.janeharrop.co.uk www.janeharrop.co.uk
This site was all designed,layout/ photo's/text, by the client
Ceetee Web Aid wrote it to web format,arranged the domain name & hosting of the site.
Any updates are e-mailed to us, by the client,then we update the relevant pages.
Poynton Show decided they required another information source, to promote their annual show, that is available to everyone all year round.The various sections had their own input and the information was compiled to produce the Site.
furnibarn at Bubblitex www.bubblitex.com
With a constantly changing stock Furnibarn required a web site they could alter as soon as new lines became available. The ideal solution for them was the Britnett-carver package.
www.theatticonline.co.uk www.theatticonline.co.uk
The Attic wanted to be able to show the up to date product catalogue to a world wide audience. What better way than on-line.
www.bankfarmridingschool.co.uk www.bankfarmridingschool.co.uk
A single page starter web site giving Bank farm riding school a presence on the World Wide Web. It is giving out all the relevant information with room for more in depth detail as the site is expanded in the fullness of time.